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CardiacCathPro.com is a site designed for the professional staff of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. The information presented in this site is designed to be an excellent resource for new and experienced nurses, technicians, and other key personnel that work in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. This site is also designed to be a study guide for individuals preparing for the RCIS certification in invasive cardiology.

After 15 years of orienting new people to cardiac catheterization and using printed manuals that I have pulled together from various resources, I have always seen the need for a site that personnel could go to and get the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform their role in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

Please be patient with me as I continue to finish and improve the various portions of this site to make it as beneficial as possible. I'm looking to add sections that offer further insight about various techniques, skills, and insights related to procedures in the CCL.

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